Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I got a clogged drain: NOW WHAT !?


      A question we get asked after we get the call to open or clean a line. It all depends on what is clogged up and where it is clogged up.  Too many people fall for the heavy marketing campaign of using a "Liquid Drain BOMB ".  Other then WATER, there is not one liquid that can CLEAN A DRAIN LINE. I do not care what the company says on their "Liquid Drain Bomb". All they care about is them making a sale and not truth in advertising. If they guarantee their "Liquid Drain Bomb" to work, how come they do not then pay us to open and clean the line after their product FAILS?.

      In out almost 30 years of Drain, Sewer, Septic and Cesspool cleaning, we have seen Toilets break apart from the "Liquid Drain Bomb", PVC Pipes melt and pipes start to leak.. We have even had our skin be burned so bad that we required medical attention. The homeowner did not think it would have been a problem if they "Forgot" to tell us that there was Drain Cleaner in the line they put in the line a hour before they called us. Yes we asked and they lied. When the Liquid Drain Cleaner came bubbling up and out and then exploded out, It hit my legs and burned thru my Bib Cover all's and Pants. We where not happy. The homeowner had no education or experience on what the "Liquid Drain Bombs "  Can do. They mixed a BOMB in the drain before I got there.

     Another time,We have closed a door in a upstairs bathroom and hear the toilet explode. The homeowner poured a Lie-Acid mix along with other products that was sold to them by a big box store,. They had a TOY stuck in the toilet and felt they could "Melt" the plastic toy away and the toilet would work. We where lucky there because the Drain cleaning chemicals they poured in there, made the Toilet a IED or Grenade. It tore up the bathroom and tub and tile. We had to shut the water to the whole house to stop the flooding damage to the main floor of the house.

     Why am I telling you all this?

      If YOU have a drain clog in a kitchen , Bathroom sink, Toilet or Tub. Use a Plunger and see if the drain does not clear itself. If that does not work, STOP using all water to the drain for 48 hours or more. If that does not work, It's time to call us. There is more to this clog that we need to take a look at.

Store bought drain cleaning chemicals are very dangerous to your home and your health.  Leave the drain cleaning to Ranger Sewer, YOUR Drain Cleaning Professionals!